From 20th september to 1st october, 2023

Choral and cordial. Familiar and special. Simple and refined. Is the welcome that “Andar per cantine 2023” reserves to its guests in its 14th edition, with an even more intriguing and stimulating program for those who want to dive into the innumerable suggestions of nature, traditions and flavors of the Green Island. From 20th September to 1st October, a full program of walks, discoveries, tastings and meetings following the rows of vines that for three thousand years have shaped the landscape of the island, in the sunny valleys, along the sides of the Epomeo, on the terraces exposed to sea winds, up to the most inaccessible points of the rocky coast.

A journey with multiple shades and opportunities, which each participant can grab according to their own steps, tastes and curiosities. Emotions and pleasures to share with other travelers along the itineraries named after the vines that have honored the island of Tifeo; in the cellars, where the rite of the symposium will be repeated, exalted in the eternal verses of the Cup of Nestor; in the evening gatherings, to enjoy together the glories of the sunset and the wonders of the evening, among wines and genuine products of a land that is always generous.

With the warm colors of autumn, the intense scents of must and aromatic herbs, the taste of its fruits and the empathy of its people, the island opens its green heart to those who love to explore it. Have a good trip…

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