How far is the hotel from the hydrofoil docking in Ischia?

Hotel Terme Oriente is 500 meters from the hydrofoil dock in Ischia.

How far is the hotel from the ferry dock in Ischia?

Hotel Terme Oriente is 650 meters from the ferry dock in Ischia.

How far is the Bagno San Pietro bathing establishment from the hotel?

The Bagno San Pietro beach is 300 meters from the hotel ..

Is the beach made up of sand or stones?

The beach is made up of sand.

How far is the first bus stop?

The bus stop is 50 meters from the hotel.

How far is the bus station?

The bus station in Ischia is 500 meters from the hotel.

What are the affiliated spa treatments?

The spa treatments affiliated with the Hotel Terme Oriente are mud baths and thermal baths.

How many thermal water pools are there?

The Hotel Terme Oriente in Ischia has two thermal water pools with hydromassage located on the panoramic terrace and in the Wellness Center a thermal water pool with hydromassage.

Is there Wi-Fi and is it free?

It is free and available in all rooms, in the hall and in the bar.

Is there a shuttle service from the port to the hotel?

There is no shuttle service because the hotel is just a few minutes' walk from the docking area, but those who need it will find microtaxis / taxis at the disembarkation, default rate € 12 excluding luggage.

At what time are the rooms available on the day of arrival and at what time should they be vacated on the day of departure?

The rooms on the day of arrival are delivered starting from 14.00, if they become available before they are assigned without any problem. On the day of departure the rooms must be left by 10.00. In both cases, the baggage can be kept by the concierge staff.

What forms of payment do you accept when paying the balance at the hotel?

The accepted forms of payment are checks, credit card and cash.

Is the hotel located in a restricted traffic area?

For guests who reach the island by car, we remind you that the regulation of ZTL areas (limited traffic areas) has been in force since March 2018.
To allow access to its customers with cars, the Hotel requests authorization from the municipal police by filling in the appropriate form AL1 (Hotels). The authorization granted is valid exclusively for the VARCO 4 Municipality of Ischia, where the Hotel Oriente is located, and is not valid for any other passage or location.
Below is the link of the Municipality of Ischia with all the regulations http://www.comuneischia.it/comuneischia/comune_comunica/ztl-ischia.php
For more information you can contact us at our addresses.

Is the kitchen equipped to handle special dietary needs?

The staff of the rooms and the kitchen will meet these particular needs by offering alternative menus.

How is the restaurant service organized?

Table service for lunch and dinner with a choice of three first and three second courses. At the beginning of meals there is a large vegetable buffet where guests can help themselves.

Which swimming pools can children access?

Children can access the fresh water swimming pools and not the thermal water ones.

What is generally included in the stay?

Beyond the period (high and low season), an outdoor and indoor swimming pool with both fresh water whirlpools is always included, two thermal water pools with hydromassage located on a panoramic terrace, access to our new wellness center consisting of a fresh water with hydromassage area and ozone area, a thermal water tub with hydromassage, a thermal water shower / waterfall, a sauna, a Turkish bath, an emotional shower, a cold bucket shower, Kneipp path, relaxation area and a small gym